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Dexau Enterprise - Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind Dexau Enterprise?
We are a team of traders mainly specialized in trading cryptocurrencies.
You can count on professionalism and reliability on our part trusting backward experience.

How will you use/diversify investor's money?
Customer's money will get combined with Dexau Enterprise's funds located on major crypto exchanges.
These funds are going to be traded on BTC, ETH, and LTC against USD and BTC (for alts) - we consider those cryptocurrencies to be the most profitable and reliable ones when it comes down to technical and fundamental analysis.
We may apply a small leverage (2/5X at most) with 1:3 risk/reward ratio to each position we open. A portion of these funds is distributed among hot and cold wallets.

What deposit methods do you accept?
At the moment we only accept Bitcoin [BTC] because it takes us very low network fees and it allows us to avoid high exchange fees since we send the deposited funds to major crypto exchanges to trade them.
More cryptocurrencies and new E-wallets could be added in future though.

What Bitcoin wallet and exchange can I use?
Any Bitcoin wallet and exchange are welcome, therefore the most popular ones such as: Coinbase, Binance, Bitmex, Electrum, Xapo, Ledger, Trezor, Mycelium, Exodus, Blockchain.info, Circle, Indodax and many more! However "Segregated Witness" (Seg-Wit) based addresses are not valid for withdrawal.

When will my deposit be added?
Our system will automatically accept your Bitcoin transaction after 3 to 6 network confirmations that usually take no longer than 15-60 minutes.
In the worst scenario possible if we have not yet received your deposit please contact our help desk.

Why was my deposit returned to my balance?
This action takes place when Dexau Enterprise's team is no longer ready to accept new deposits or specific deposits, e.g. too large amount.
No fees are applied to this operation.

What is the minimum investment amount?
You can start investing from as low as 25.00 USD on weekly plan and 50.00 USD on daily plan. The current values may get updated anytime without notice.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Our minimum withdrawal amount is set to 3.00 USD.
The current values may get updated anytime without notice.

Do you have any time based withdrawal restriction?
No, you are free to withdraw anytime however you can only request one withdrawal at a time - also known as "pending withdrawal".
It is also possible to cancel a pending withdrawal anytime.

When do you process the withdrawals?
All withdrawals are manually processed from:
Monday through Friday, between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
Usually withdrawals are processed within a 24/48 business hours period.
Our timezone is Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

What does "principal included" mean?
That basically stands for whether the equity is returned in your earned interests. We now take as example the investment formula 13% weekly for 10 weeks:
The principal is included in your weekly interest hence returning you an equity equal to 130% = 100% principal + 30% net profit.

What does "principal withdraw" mean?
Investors who opened an investment into 0.30% daily for 150 days can terminate their investment anytime, this means the investor will get his full (100%) principal back before the expiry of investment.
We now take as example the scenario where the investor makes a net profit of 9% in a 30 days period:
Withdrawing the principal will result in an equity equal to 109% = 100% principal + 9% net profit.

Do we pay any fee for early principal withdraw?
In the case you terminate your investment within 10 days from investment date then a 5% fee is applied.
E.g. on 100 USD investment you will be charged 5 USD, total returned: 95 USD.
We do not apply any fee after 10 days investment period.

How do I earn from invited referrals?
You get 1% commission from the external deposits that your referrals perform.
Inviting yourself will award your main account (alias "upline") with a ban.

Why I cannot register?
Probably because Dexau Enterprise's team has decided to close the applications for business reasons, hence we suggest you to try again later.
If you are experiencing another issue please contact our help desk.

Why did I receive an unknown penalty?
This usually happens on principal withdraw and on "ghost" referral commissions: what is that?
A commission paid from an external deposit of a referral that was rejected for specific reason.

How do I recover my account password?
The only way to get back access to your account is by resetting your password through our Forgot Password tool.
Still facing issues? Please contact our help desk.


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